About Stump Surfboards

Since leaving home as a 16 year old to go and live a lifestyle close to the surf on the Mornington Peninsula, Andrew Stump (Stumpy) has always enjoyed an unlimited passion for surfing; a trait that has made Andrew the quality board-shaper he is today.

With more than 30 years experience as a quality surfboard shaper, designer, and artisan, Stumpy manufactures his own brand of finely crafted boards as individual as his own approach to life (see stumpsurf.com).

Stump Surfboards is synonymous with true quality craftsmanship – not often found in these days of mass production. Stumpy’s range of boards are tailored for the beginner through to high performance surfboards for competition.

Stumpy has used his wealth of knowledge to complement recent advances in computer assisted technology to refine improvements in design, with the aim of extracting maximum board performance for greater pleasure, fun, and enjoyment.